Haight Street Art Center at Bottlerock

On May 29, 2016, in Events, News, Posters, by Ben Marks
Bottlerock, 2016, Chris Shaw

Bottlerock, 2016, Chris Shaw

It looks like a good time has been had by all at Bottlerock this year, especially if you visited the Haight Street Art Center’s remote printing studio. On Friday, those at the music festival to hear Stevie Wonder could leave with a print by Chris Shaw. On Saturday, fans of Florence + the Machine could pick up a print by Courtney Callahan. And today, those in Napa for Red Hot Chili Peppers could get both a show poster by Gary Houston, plus his screen print. Thanks to the Haight Street Art Center for making it all possible!

Left, Courtney Callahan. Right, Gary Houston.

Left, Courtney Callahan. Right, Gary Houston.


The Mothers of Invention at the Seattle Center Arena, April 19, 1969. Poster by John Moehring. Photo courtesy of Split Fountain Hieroglyphics.

The first time I met John Moehring was in a bar in Seattle—he nursed a Perrier, I did the same with a beer. The occasion was the release of Scott McDougall’s Split Fountain Hieroglyphics, whose focus is the psychedelic concert posters produced in Seattle from 1966 to 1969, and whose pages are crammed with Moehring’s work. We hit it off, and in the months that followed, we traded numerous emails and phone calls that have resulted in a new article at Collectors Weekly. In it, Moehring told me about how he got into the rock-poster game, what it was like to hang out with Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Donovan, and Marc Bolan, and what he did after the local concert promoters decided that rock posters were a frill music fans could live without. Check it out!


Thanks, Pearl Jam, for the Spring Posters

On May 5, 2016, in Posters, by Ben Marks

Clockwise from top-left: BioWorkZ, Emek, Chuck Sperry, David Welker, Brad Klausen, and Zio Ziegler.

It is just us, or have the posters for Pearl Jam’s spring 2016 tour been even better than usual? Things got off to a great start on April 8 and 9 in Florida with watery images by Brad Klausen and Chuck Sperry. On April 18, San Francisco artist Zio Ziegler unveiled his first poster for the band for its show at the Hampton Coliseum. A week-and-a-half later, fans attending the show in Philly on the 29th got a chance to pick up a taxidermy-themed print by Emek. And then on May 1 and 2, those lucky enough to score tickets for Pearl Jam’s return to Madison Square Garden were treated to a gorgeous owl by BioWorkz (aka, Ben Kwok) on the first night and a pair of dancing dragons by David Welker the next. A few more dates in Canada remain, including one tonight, then it’s on to Bonnaroo in June and a couple of ball parks in August, each of which should spur a mini-series of its own. Can’t wait!

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