TRPS 2017 Festival of Rock Posters, by Shane Edward Grogg

We are pleased to announce the roster for the 2017 Festival of Rock Posters, which takes place on October 28 at the Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park.

Stanley Mouse
Chuck Sperry
Wes Wilson
Bonnie MacLean
Marq Spusta
Victor Moscoso
Jim Pollock
Jim Mazza
Lee Conklin
The Chambers Project
Ida Griffin
AJ Masthay
David Singer
Randy Tuten
David DeAndrea
Chris Shaw
Alexandra Fischer
Carolyn Ferris
classicposters.com / Mike Storeim
Gary Houston
Tea Lautrec Litho
concertposterauction.com / Brad Kelly
JC Hall
John Seabury
Alan Forbes (secretserpents)
Justin McNeal (secretserpents)

Paul Getchell
Rick Savel
Shane Grogg
Perry Pfeffer
Gregg Gordon
John Howard
Norman Orr
Mari Tepper
Kris Mikkelson
Pat Ryan
Vince Dugar
SF Rockposters
D King Gallery
Christopher Peterson
Ben Van Meter
San Dicheira / Amazing Adventures
Cliff Yamasaki
Hakes Americana
John Bellas
Eric King
Wayne Espinosa
Sherwood Donahue
Mike Dubois
Psychedelic Art Exchange
Dave Hunter Family
Richard Rodman
The Bill Graham Foundation
David Byrd

As in years past, doors open at 10:00 am and the show runs until 6:00 pm. Here’s how it works:

Admission Info
* 10:00 – 11:00 Admission during the first hour is $20 for non-TRPS members. Admission for TRPS members is $5, but your membership needs to be current. Please bring your card to show at the door. If your membership is expired, or if for some incomprehensible reason you are not yet a member, it’s easier than ever to renew or join at trps.org. And if you cannot renew online in advance, you can get a refund of $15 off the cost of the $30 membership when you renew or join at the show.
* 11:00 – 3:00 Admission is $10 for non-TRPS members and $5 for TRPS members.
* 3:00 – 6:00 Admission is FREE to all.

Membership Premiums
When you join TRPS, you have a range of membership premiums to choose from, including rock-art T-shirts by Emek, Gregg Gordon, David Singer, and other rock-poster artists.

Where Is It Again?
The Hall of Flowers (aka, the Old County Fair Building) is just inside Golden Gate Park, near the corner of Ninth and Lincoln. If you need directions, check out the map on our Facebook page.

See you there!


It’s Time to Renew Your TRPS Membership

On September 1, 2017, in News, by Ben Marks

Every year along about this time, we ask you to renew your TRPS membership, which is still just $30 per year. That way, when you show up at the door to the Hall of Flowers on October 28 for the 2017 Festival of Rock Posters, it’ll only cost you five measly bucks to get in—from 10-11 a.m., everyone else pays $20, and thereafter the price for non-members is $10. But don’t do it just for the savings. Your membership helps pay for the costs of our shows, which helps us raise money for the TRPS Artist Relief Trust—last year we gave away more than $5,000 to rock-poster artists who needed a helping hand, and this year we intend to do the same. Your membership makes you a part of that.

Of course, in exchange for your support, we send you a whole bunch of stuff, from your choice of a T-shirt designed by artists such as David Singer, Emek, and Gregg Gordon, to a copy of our latest newsletter, to flyers from our previous show—you do collect paper, right? So click here to renew your membership today!


It’s a safe bet that in 1967, when Mari Tepper created a calendar-poster for the “New Merchants and Craftsmen in Haight Ashbury,” she probably wasn’t thinking too hard about posterity. But 50 years later, Tepper has reprinted her 1967 calendar because its dates and days of the week line up perfectly with 2017’s.

We’d like to give you one. A limited number of Tepper’s reprints (shown above) will be available for free—first come, first served—at the 2017 Festival of Rock Posters at the Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. The show takes place on October 28, from 10-6. For the latest updates (the roster of artists and vendors will be announced in September), check out the event page on Facebook.

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O.K., we are definitely getting closer to announcing the full list of artists and vendors who will attend the 2017 Festival of Rock Posters at the Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. No big scoop today, but you could say it’s going to be a monster!

In case you have been living under a rock, the show takes place on October 28, from 10-6. For the latest updates, check out the event page on Facebook.

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